The 100 Day Project

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I was re-reading my last entry and well… my weekly blogging challenge didn’t last long! I’ll try and bring back the weekly blogging and keep it short them so that they’re more sustainable for me to keep up.

I was watching Rich Armstrong’s course video on doing The 100 Day Project (, and got so amped about starting one! I’ve watched my sister struggle through doing The 100 Day Project before and was put off from doing it myself. But after watching Rich’s video, the key takeaway that I got was that I should keep the project really simple and easy that I don’t burn myself out and end up giving up quickly.

The mistake that I’ve made with challenges like this in the past is that I would spend hours and hours on a random weeknight or weekend to start on a project, but get burnt out and lose my stamina real quickly that I give up after a day or two (or three days if I’m lucky).

SO, the thing that I’m going to do differently with this daily art challenge is that I’ll keep my illustrations as rough-ish sketches and I’ll spend no more than 30min each day on it. Even if I could spare more time on that day, I still want to keep it to a 30-minute limit. This is so that I don’t get burnt out in a day, and that I still make time to get other life-admin/adulting things done.

I also want to start these weekly ‘reflection’ blogs as well, but similar to my daily drawings, I won’t spend any more than 30 minutes on it. It might mean that my blog articles have typos, incorrect grammars, and boring long sentences. But at least I’ll be getting something down and recorded. I’ll have something for myself and others to look at on to learn/reflect.

Wish me luck!

P.S. My new #the100dayproject is going to be: 100 things that my bunnies do. I have a love/hate relationship with my two bunnies, Elly and Bobby, as you can see by my title below. It would be so cool to collate all my drawings once I’ve completed the challenge, turn it into a book. Hopefully, this would become a great insight for non-bunny-parents to see what it’s like to have pet rabbits and know what they’re getting themselves into. And be a consolation for those who are already bunny parents.

Staying Organised and Productive with Your Creative Work

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My latest #mermay challenge illustration draft

Where did this week go?! I feel like I’ve just blinked and it’s already Sunday night now!

I only managed to squeeze in 1.5 hours of drawing this week for my weekly #mermay draw challenge and the above is what I have so far. This week’s #mermay theme is #treasure, and instead of going for the traditional concept of ‘treasure’ like a chest of gold, diamonds, pearls, etc., I wanted to depict more of my own personal idea of ‘treasure’.

Hopefully, it’s obvious by my illustration, but my version of ‘treasure’ is designer handbags! And being vegan, I’m pretending that all of the designer bags in my illustration are made out of vegan leather.

My lovely mermaid is also modelling some designer lingerie that I came across on (I’ll share the designer name in my next post once I hunt it down). I haven’t finished the lingerie drawing yet, but it’ll be decorated with cute little tulles as well.

Although I completely failed to complete my second weekly #mermay drawing on time, I’ve decided not to be too hard on myself. I’ve achieved other tasks that have been sitting on my to-do list too:

  1. Made progress on another #drawthisinyourstyle illustration (see below illustration) – sometimes I need to switch my task/illustration to give my brain a break, so I’ve been chipping away at this one whenever I needed a context switch.
  2. Uploaded Jackie’s In My Soap Pot logo illustration onto Society6 – you can check out the collection with her cute little bunnies, and check out Jackie’s In My Soap Pot where you can learn to make your own awesome soap.
  3. Started uploading my last #mermay amabie illustration as printed products for my website (see mock below, and thank you Jackie once again for your wonderful idea!) – I’ll do another announcement as soon as they’re ready, so watch this space!
Another #drawthisinyourstyle challenge illustration in progress
Upcoming printed collection of my latest #mermay illustration ‘Space Amabie’

Something that’s been working really well for me in the past couple of weeks has been reviving my old Trello board. I use Trello to keep a kanban board and track all my tasks for Tina Park Studio. It helps me to capture all my to-dos and idea in one place, focus on the most important task, and there’s nothing more satisfactory than moving a card to the ‘Done’ column (and getting that dopamine hit!).

If you’ve been struggling with too many ideas/tasks for your creative work, and not sure where to start or how to get organised, I highly recommend starting your own kanban board on Trello as well.

That’s all from me, and I hope that we all have a lovely, productive week!

#mermay Week 1 Submission


There’s a lot going on in my little Tina Park Studio world this weekend.

Firstly, here is my first illustration for #mermay2020 ! Last year I only managed to do one artwork. So, this year I’ve decided to step up and complete one #mermay artwork every week – so there’ll be five illustrations in total!

Huge thank you to @caril7 for your weekly #mermay2020 prompts 💖 I absolutely love it and will be using it as my guide this year 😆 so my first one is following the theme of the first prompt: #galaxy.

@caril7’s weekly prompts for #mermay2020 via Instagram

Also, you might have noticed that my mermaid today has a beak and three fins on her tail. That’s because she’s an Amabie!

Amabie is a Japanese mythical creature that will supposedly ward off epidemics if you share its drawing with as many people as possible. During these tough COVID-19 times, Amabie has naturally made a popular come-back! Thank you so much Jackie for your suggestion of drawing an Amabie 🙌🙌

As a final announcement, I have also decided to get my A into gear and start a weekly blog post of my art journey. Please keep a lookout for my post later today and I’d love your feedback on it!

Ohh I knew I forgot something – I’ve also updated my colour palette so let me know what you think of it!

Another #drawthisinyourstyle challenge

Digital illustration of a girl wearing head scarf, with long wavy hair
My version of @janicesung’s #drawthisinyourstyle challenge

Shout out to my sis @lisaparkdrawing who motivated me to draw again! I’ve had a real artist’s block for a while now and it feels so nice to finish a piece 🙌

Also, thank you @janicesung for your #janicesungdtiys challenge! It was really fun to draw this one 😊

@janicesung’s original artwork for the #drawthisinyourstyle challenge on Instagram

Belle the Book Critic


Have you ever wondered what happened to Belle after she saved the beast prince’s life?

Today we look at the heroine from one of my favourite Disney classics, Beauty and the Beast, and how she worked happily ever after.

Following her passion for books and reading, Belle became a successful book critic. She loves to surround herself with books in her quiet country house in France, and specialises in reviewing adventure and sci-fi genre books.

She regularly provides book reviews for various papers and magazines, including the New York Times.

When she’s not busy buried in books, she loves to tend to her rose garden.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my little career story for Belle! Next up is Jasmine from Aladdin.

And She Worked Happily Ever After


I’m starting a new illustration series called ‘And she worked happily ever after’.

I got fed up with the recent, disappointing remakes of my favourite Disney classics, and decided to pursue my own version of Disney remakes.

This series explores the career paths that I imagine the Disney princesses would have chosen based on their strengths and life events.

First one is Snow White, who’s made a name for herself as the best Apple Quality Control Manager. Due to a traumatic event that involved a poisonous apple that almost took her life, her passion is now ensuring that everyone has access to safe, delicious apples. Although other fruit companies have tried to scout her, Snow White has insisted on specialising in apples and no other fruits. 

Next character will be Belle from Beauty and the Best.

If you enjoy my illustrations, please consider supporting me by buying me a virtual coffee (visit It will only be a few dollars and any tiny amount will help towards covering my digital art equipment costs. Thank you in advance for your support!

New Kawaii Animal Characters


I rediscovered my sketchbook from 15 years ago!

I completely forgot that I had turned my family and friends into little animal characters and kept a comic journal with them. I thought it would be fun to redraw some of the characters.

Below are the comparisons of my newly redrawn vs original characters.

I’m supposed to be “Cat”, my sister Lisa is “Frog”, and I think “Bunny” was supposed to be my best friend at the time.

Maybe I could bring back my comic journal using these characters. What do you think?