Harajuku Girls

I’m absolutely in love with kawaii and Harajuku fashion.

This ‘Harajuku Girls’ series is a collection of illustration portraits of Harajuku fashion influencers I admire.

Above illustration reference: @luneangelx

Did you know that there’s a subculture in the kawaii world called yami-kawaii?

People dress to make themselves look ill but in a cute, kawaii way 💉💊💖

Apparently this is a way for youths to express themselves in a country (e.g., Japan) where depression or mental health isn’t discussed or addressed openly.

If you’re not mentally well, IT’S OK TO ASK FOR HELP AND TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF.

Above illustration reference @purrikira

Here’s a cute kawaii computer-person I came across on Instagram, @controllerkidjayd.

If I had a computer as a head, I’d just play solitaire in my head all day. I’m totally addicted at the moment!

Above illustration reference @controllerkidjayd

Another kawaii girl illustration – I love the little raining cloud painting on her face.

Above illustration reference @hey_miles

This last illustration is a reminder to prioritise self-care at all times.

This means that you should be treating yourself like how you would treat others (assuming that you’re a kind person to others ). It also means taking your own advice when you’re caring for others.⁠

Are you telling your friend who’s overworked and stressed that they need to take a break and treat themselves?⁠

Are you telling your family that they need to get off their couch, eat healthy and start exercising?⁠

Are you telling your pet or partner that they’re the most beautiful creature/person in the world?⁠

Then repeat all those kind words and advice right back to yourself, and don’t forget to love yourself!

Above illustration reference: @bubblechutea

All illustrations were created with Procreate.


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