The 100 Day Project

Illustration, Update

I was re-reading my last entry and well… my weekly blogging challenge didn’t last long! I’ll try and bring back the weekly blogging and keep it short them so that they’re more sustainable for me to keep up.

I was watching Rich Armstrong’s course video on doing The 100 Day Project (, and got so amped about starting one! I’ve watched my sister struggle through doing The 100 Day Project before and was put off from doing it myself. But after watching Rich’s video, the key takeaway that I got was that I should keep the project really simple and easy that I don’t burn myself out and end up giving up quickly.

The mistake that I’ve made with challenges like this in the past is that I would spend hours and hours on a random weeknight or weekend to start on a project, but get burnt out and lose my stamina real quickly that I give up after a day or two (or three days if I’m lucky).

SO, the thing that I’m going to do differently with this daily art challenge is that I’ll keep my illustrations as rough-ish sketches and I’ll spend no more than 30min each day on it. Even if I could spare more time on that day, I still want to keep it to a 30-minute limit. This is so that I don’t get burnt out in a day, and that I still make time to get other life-admin/adulting things done.

I also want to start these weekly ‘reflection’ blogs as well, but similar to my daily drawings, I won’t spend any more than 30 minutes on it. It might mean that my blog articles have typos, incorrect grammars, and boring long sentences. But at least I’ll be getting something down and recorded. I’ll have something for myself and others to look at on to learn/reflect.

Wish me luck!

P.S. My new #the100dayproject is going to be: 100 things that my bunnies do. I have a love/hate relationship with my two bunnies, Elly and Bobby, as you can see by my title below. It would be so cool to collate all my drawings once I’ve completed the challenge, turn it into a book. Hopefully, this would become a great insight for non-bunny-parents to see what it’s like to have pet rabbits and know what they’re getting themselves into. And be a consolation for those who are already bunny parents.