Drawing every day, illustration quality, and creating comics


Weekly reflection time!

I can’t believe I shared my 12th drawing this morning! Except for one day when I got home super late coming from a depression support group session, I’ve been drawing and sharing EVERY SINGLE DAY. I have never been so consistent with creating art in my life, and I can’t believe The 100 Day Project actually works! The positive feedback from everyone who’s been following has been super (x100) encouraging as well.

Well, here’s to 88 more days of drawing and sharing!

Now that I’ve pretty much got the daily practice of producing art nailed down, I’ve had more capacity to consider the quality of the illustrations I’m producing.

So far, the only practical way I’ve been able to create art daily was because I’ve been doodling and scribbling through my illustrations. When I think about collating all my 100 illustrations together to turn it into a book or something at the end of all this, I cringe at the thought of capturing some of these doodles into a permanent product. I want to create illustrations that looks more pleasing to the eyes, for my followers’ sake as well as for my future self.

So, my focus and goal for the next coming weeks will be to make my illustrations prettier and nicer to look at. That means taking the extra time and mental energy to think about where I can sprinkle colours throughout my illustration, how the composition looks, whether the lines are clean and smooth, etc.

Another topic that’s been on my mind has been about visual storytelling.

I’ve been creating comics for #100thingsmybunniesdo to illustrate my bunnies where one frame hasn’t been enough to tell the full story. I know NOTHING about creating good comics or how to tell stories effectively, so this is another area that I’m interested in learning more about. I came across this book called Making Comics by Scott McCloud awhile back, so I might give that a read and see if I can learn something from it. If anyone reading this knows of any other decent resources for beginner comic artists, please let me know!

And I’ll wrap up this week’s post by sharing a YouTube video of an artist that I’ve started following recently.

In this video, struthless discusses the growing quality of our work that happens from the vast quantity of the work that we produce. From the sheer practice of creating something every day that’s 70% done, we learn and grow our skills faster than when we try to create one perfect piece of work.

Have a lovely week, and I’ll catch y’all next weekend!