#mermay Week 1 Submission


There’s a lot going on in my little Tina Park Studio world this weekend.

Firstly, here is my first illustration for #mermay2020 ! Last year I only managed to do one artwork. So, this year I’ve decided to step up and complete one #mermay artwork every week – so there’ll be five illustrations in total!

Huge thank you to @caril7 for your weekly #mermay2020 prompts 💖 I absolutely love it and will be using it as my guide this year 😆 so my first one is following the theme of the first prompt: #galaxy.

@caril7’s weekly prompts for #mermay2020 via Instagram

Also, you might have noticed that my mermaid today has a beak and three fins on her tail. That’s because she’s an Amabie!

Amabie is a Japanese mythical creature that will supposedly ward off epidemics if you share its drawing with as many people as possible. During these tough COVID-19 times, Amabie has naturally made a popular come-back! Thank you so much Jackie for your suggestion of drawing an Amabie 🙌🙌

As a final announcement, I have also decided to get my A into gear and start a weekly blog post of my art journey. Please keep a lookout for my post later today and I’d love your feedback on it!

Ohh I knew I forgot something – I’ve also updated my colour palette so let me know what you think of it!